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We know how hot it can be in the desert and we also know you have a budget to keep.  Here at Cactus Mechanical we want to keep your unit running strong for as long as possible.

Cactus Mechanical


We are a local family owned and operated company, which allows us to respond to our customers’ needs on a personal level.  You really feel like you are part of the family.

Cactus Mechanical


Are you a Property Management company?  Work in telecommunications?  We offer a variety of different options as well as diversely skilled technicians.  No matter the situation we can accommodate.  Click on our “Special Services” tab and let us help you.


You always want to keep your AC running at peak efficiency.  Making sure to service your unit at least 2 times a year helps keep your home and the electric bill from hitting new highs.

HVAC Repair

No matter what is wrong or the time of day, you can be assured that Cactus Mechanical is going to be there when your Air Conditioning wants to have a heated discussion with you!

HVAC Replacement

Are you paying an electric bill for a unit that is no longer efficient, have no fear, reach for the higher SEER!  Our new higher SEER units are here to keep you and your electric bill cool!

Cactus Mechanical

Since 1983 we have been servicing the valley and taking care of our customers with the highest level of customer service.  Our commitment to you, our customer, is to always be prompt and be efficient.

Cactus Mechanical

24/7 Service

We work around the clock even when your A/C doesn’t.

Cactus Mechanical

Longevity Shows Standards

Since 1983 we have provided nothing but the highest standards.

Cactus Mechanical

Field-Operated Owners

Owner’s spend time in the field to ensure highest level of customer service.

Cactus Mechanical

Non-Commissioned Techs

We are always honest in the things you need, but will always give you what you want.

Cactus Mechanical

Diversified Training

Our techinicians are trained to tackle any situation that comes our way!

Cactus Mechanical

Family Owned & Operated

A family that will take care of you like you are their own.


Anything from routine service all the way to replacement, no job is out of reach for us at Cactus Mechanical.

We want to make sure that everyone in the home is comfortable no matter what room they are in.

Residential Custom Home New builds

Building your own custom home? Want to make sure that your home is as comfortable as it is beautiful? Come see us at Cactus Mechanical and we can draw everything up and help the home of your dreams be as comfortable as your dreams!


We know how tough it can be to run a business, but why worry about the temperature spikes and drops throughout the year? With our routine service and filter changes you will always stay ahead of the game when it comes to the weather! Contact us now and we can talk to you about how to set up your routine service.

Commercial new builds

Just starting your business up or having a new building put up for your company? We know how much detail can go into making sure your building is just right, let us help to make sure you and your employees have a comfortable work environment! Contact us now!

We Service and Repair every make and model

Our Commitment

Even though we’re Cactus Mechanical, we won’t stick ya!


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